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Why did the characters in "No Exit" agree to torment each other?

Note that the realization that the characters are their own tormentors is made clear quite early in the play: INEZ: It's obvious what they're after— an economy of man-power— or devil-power, if ...
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Why did the characters in "No Exit" agree to torment each other?

According to Sartre himself, they could have refused. In the many time misquoted "L'enfer, c'est les autres" ("Hell is other people"), Sartre made it clear that he did not imply people would always ...
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Choice of title in Nausea (Sartre)?

Sartre first submitted his novel for publication in 1936 under the title Melancholia, based on the engraving Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer. When it was accepted for publication the following year, ...
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Huis Clos Description of the room

The Room from the french Play "Huis Clos", "No Exit" in English by Jean-Paul Sartre represents Hell. Everything in this room is Second Empire furniture, there is for example a Louis-Phillipe ...
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