Questions about the works of the British novelist Jasper Fforde (born 1961) and his life as a writer.

Jasper Fforde (born Jan 11, 1961) is a British writer of humorous fiction.

His first published work, The Eyre Affair, is set in an alternative history 1980's where literature is taken very seriously. Among other things, there are "Will-speak" machines in the streets that quote Shakespeare if you put a coin in them.

From there, many of his books have the main characters meet and interact with characters from fiction, who are often aware that they are fictional characters with prescribed roles. His books often contain wordplay and surreal humour. Part of his style is that the characters may have a certain self-reflective awareness - seen when they openly discuss how their actions are influenced, prescribed or forbidden by the demands of storytelling devices.

Source: Wikipedia and the books themselves.

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