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I'm not sure how much detail to go into here or even how to write what I do put in. But anyways, here's a list of notable characters, with first/last names pulled directly from my translation (Howard Scott Hibbett). The order is completely random: it's the order I remembered them when I sat down to write the answer. Oki Toshio: When Otoko was a teen they ...


As someone currently in possession of a Japanese-language edition of 美しさと哀しみと, I can confirm that the relevant kanji is 「思」 (omo). The section reads: 音子は手紙を書いていて国語辞書を開くと、そのペェジの 「思う」 という字が目についた。日木語の「思う」には、恋しがるという意味、忘れないという意味、悲しむという意味もあると、音子の目はたどるうちに、胸がしめつけられた。 Here's a picture of the page with the kanji highlighted:

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