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What is the effect of suddenly slipping into rhyme at the end of "Ode to Not Watching the World Cup"?

I cannot tell you what the author intended, as I am not the author and am not aware that he has revealed his intent. I can tell you what I think he may have had in mind. The poem is subtitled thus: ...
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Why call them the "little pointy hours"?

This phrase serves as a metaphor for the time just before dawn when he felt most alone and awakened from insomnia bouts: "...in the small hours, in the little pointy hours..." The use of ...
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What does "beak first" mean in "An Ode to America"?

I would hazard to guess that "beak first" is meant to be interpreted similarly to "headfirst." This makes the meaning line up with the references to the "particular young-man ...
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