For questions about the British veterinary surgeon and writer James Herriot (pen name of James Alfred Wight, 1916 – 1995) or about any of his literary works, most famously the semi-autobiographical book series inspired by his experience as a veterinary surgeon in rural Yorkshire.

James Herriot was the pen name of veterinary surgeon and writer Alfred Wight (1916-1995), who is best known for his series of semi-autobiographical stories about his life as a country vet in North Yorkshire. The books are:

  • If Only They Could Talk (1970)
  • It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet (1972)
  • Let Sleeping Vets Lie (1973)
  • Vet in Harness (1974)
  • Vets Might Fly (1976)
  • Vet in a Spin (1984)
  • The Lord God Made Them All (1981)
  • Every Living Thing (1992)

In the US, the first six of these were published in pairs as All Creatures Great and Small (books 1-2), All Things Bright and Beautiful (books 3-4), and All Things Wise and Wonderful (books 5-6).

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