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Definition of "Victorian vandal"

This is a reference to a particular enthusiasm in Victorian times for "restoring" churches and other religious buildings. In some cases, this was a due to a desire to modernise them and ...
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Did Poirot fabricate a fingerprint in "The ABC Murders"?

Poirot lied about fingerprints being found, in order to provoke the culprit into a confession. He did not fake any physical evidence. When he says "I put that part in for you", or in the ...
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Definition of "Victorian vandal"

Imagine you have an old house (or other building). It has a number of distinctive features - perhaps its windows are an unusual shape, or very large or small compared to how windows are now. Perhaps ...
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How old was Hercule Poirot?

According to the Wikipedia page on Hercule Poirot and based on quotations from Curtain, Poirot died in October 1949, thirty-three years after he first met Captain Hastings in June 1916. (He wasn't ...
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Is there any merit to reading the Poirot novels in order?

There's no need to read the Poirot books in any particular order. Agatha Christie has rewritten a few of the early Poirot short stories (see list) from the book Poirot's Early Cases (1923) and The ...
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What is the meaning of "The first rocket flamed to Heaven"?

They're watching fireworks. A few paragraphs earlier we have the sentence: "‘It’s warm,’ said Nick. ‘It’ll be nice when we’re watching the fireworks.‘" From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: ...
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To what extent did Agatha Christie base Captain Hastings on Dr. Watson?

Whether Agatha Christie intentionally copied Watson in Hastings or not, he is an example of a necessity for a successful mystery writer: To fully engage a reader, generally one has to not just ...
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Which Agatha Christie book was this adaption with an Irish woman committing suicide based on?

As ShreevatsaR said: The phrase you heard is Erin go Bragh, said by Irish Freedom sympathisers who kidnapped the Prime Minister. The short story and the episode both go by the name: The Kidnapped ...
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Is Hercule Poirot religious?

This answer is largely based on the Movies & TV post which user1964 linked in a comment. Yes, Poirot was a religious Catholic. In the story Murder in Mesopotamia (Internet Archive link), he ...
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How old was Hercule Poirot?

TL;DR: It is not possible to put together a consistent biography of Poirot that includes all the stories. Chronology Precise dates are very rare in the Poirot corpus, and there are few references to ...
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