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Literary background of being poisoned via the ear?

Pliny has already been mentioned in a comment. Scholars also point to the play The Murder of Gonzago (not extant today), a dramatic treatment of the murder of Francesco Maria I della Rovere, Duke of ...
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Literary background of being poisoned via the ear?

Harold Jenkins's edition of Hamlet for the Arden Shakespeare (1982) says in a footnote to Hamlet's "A poisons him i'th' garden for his estate" that this appears to echo a folklore motif and ...
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Did Freud say that Hamlet is overreacting when talking to Queen Gertrude?

You are misremembering. It was not Freud, but his student Ernest Jones who cited Hamlet's hostility to his mother and Polonius as evidence of his repressed Oedipal desire: The intensity of Hamlet's ...
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What does this "slow leave" mean exactly in Hamlet?

The confusing word here is "leave", because it's used in an old-fashioned sense of "to give permission". As the Cambridge Dictionary has it: leave noun (PERMISSION) [ U ] formal ...
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