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Quote for the "dark ages" and "middle ages"?

In 1367, Petrarch, after discovering the works of Cicero, and others sharp thinkers of antiquity, introduced, supposedly, the concept of the dark ages. “Amidst the errors there shone forth men of ...
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Numbering of Petrarch's sonnets

tl;dr Depends on how and what you count, yo. Do non-sonnets count? Background (can be safely skipped) Petrarch worked on his sequence to Laura, variously referred to as Il Canzoniere ("The ...
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Quote for the "dark ages" and "middle ages"?

In the book Petraca letterato. Lo scrittoio del Petrarca by Giuseppe Billanovich, the author explains how Petrarca had arrived in Verona at the court of Mastino della Scala fleeing the siege of Parma ...
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