The original German text reads, on page 232 in the linked edition: Inzwischen ist Besuch gekommen, zwei Funker, die freigebig zum Essen eingeladen werden. Sie sitzen im Wohnzimmer, wo ein Klavier steht. The German word "Funker" means radio operator. (From the German word Funke for spark, funkeln = "to sparkle", etc. The funk morpheme was used ...


'Herr' is a German Honorific (words that are used when addressing a person that can indicate and connote a great variety of different qualities) that is used to convey the highest level of respect. In English, honorifics serve a similar purpose but don't carry the same importance in conversation as they do in a language like German or Russian, where using a ...


The well known phrase is "Leck mich am Arsch" ("kiss my arse", but literally "lick me on the arse"). It is also known as the Swabian salute.

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