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Can someone explain to me these verses from The Faerie Queene?

Here are the answers to your questions: In line 7 of the first stanza, the word is stour, and it was this stour that assayd Venus. So her is the right word. What is a stour? The OED defines it as a ...
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Why is Sonnet 35 of Spenser's Amoretti repeated as Sonnet 83 later in the sequence?

tl;dr Believing that the Amoretti is very carefully constructed, Spenser scholars argue that the repetition recontextualizes Sonnet 35 such that what was merely lust in that sonnet is transformed to ...
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Edmund Spenser's sonnet "My Love is like to ice, and I to fire"

I think that Wolosky is basically right about the third quatrain, but could have put her claim a bit more clearly. You are right that the “miraculous thing” is that both fire hardens ice and ice ...
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Political Allegory in Shepheardes Calendar

tl;dr Regardless of whether the goat is identified with Queen Elizabeth or George Buchanan, the claim that the fable of the fox and the kid in the May eclogue of the The Shepheardes Calendar is an ...
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Edmund Spenser's sonnet "My Love is like to ice, and I to fire"

The first question: It doesn’t. It’s a weak reading of the poem. The author claims the adjectives shift and imply fire as positive and ice as negative. I don’t see there being any additional meaning ...
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