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Did Cummings' editors try to fix his works' eccentricities?

They cut his work a lot, and he couldn't do much about it. His first book of poetry, Tulips and Chimneys (T&C), was especially edited. The original manuscript contained 152 poems, but only 86 ...
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Does the poem 'In Just' (e. e. cummings) allude to innocents being led astray by the devil?

When this question was originally asked I briefly discussed it with the querent in comments. At that time I was quick to point out that if one were looking for religious references that Pan might be ...
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E E Cummings: [may i feel said he] What may parentheses signify?

Instead of interpreting ‘may i feel said he’ as describing the gradual unfolding of a relationship, I think it works better to read it as the dialogue of two lovers engaged in sexual intercourse, ...
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Why is the moon "angry" in e e cummings' "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls"?

‘Rattle’ means “To have an undesirable or unnecessary amount of space in which to move or function” [OED], like the moon in the sky, or the fragment of candy in the box. (Normally this sense of the ...
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