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Kefitzat Haderech is a Jewish phrase that means "contracting the path". Herbert defines Kwisatz Haderach as "the Shortening of the Way" (Dune: Appendix IV), clearly meaning to reference the Hebrew here. As seen in this answer on SFF, a large quantity of names in Dune are inspired by words from Semitic languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.


The prequels provide bit more details: At some stage of human history, a group of rebels managed to take over the Old Empire. To cement their power, they've transferred their brains into immortal machines called "cymeks" and adopted names of famous characters from the history and mythology - Dante, Barbarossa, Ajax, Hecate...and Agamemnon, who ...


It is relevant because in God Emperor of Dune, Leto II reveals how, over the past 3500+ years, he has had conversations with the memories of his ancestors, including Agamemnon, and is determined that the only way humanity will survive is if he avoids the mistakes that they made during their lifetimes. That gives some legitimacy to his observations and ...


Religions are no constants. They have always interacted with each other and with society and are rather flexible. Consider Mormonism, which started as a syncretism of Christianity and freemasonry. In less than two centuries, it changed major tenets like polygamy, racism, etc. because they were not practically compatible with society. Older religions are not ...

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