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Where did Gerrit de Veer publish his diary?

There is some history of the early publication of his diary in various languages to be found in the Introduction to the First Edition pages clvi-clxviii of the English translation, The Three Voyages ...
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Did Thomas Wolfe keep a diary?

According to Wolfe's birthplace, he kept a journal during long trips (Europe in 1924 and the Western US in 1938, his last work). The same page claims, "He once said the reason he wrote a book was to ...
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What is the origin of the third-person descriptive interludes in the Diaries of Isabelle Eberhardt?

These are clearly editor's notes: they're in the third person, with an objective-sounding point of view. Eberhardt never edited her diary for publication: it's part of her posthumous papers. So she ...
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Does a memoir need to include a reliable narrator?

A memoir does not need to have a consistent reliable narrator. First off, what is a memoir, and how does it differ from a historical novel and how does it differ from a textbook? ...
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What was the earliest diary by a European poet, dramatist or novelist?

When I posted my question, I assumed that there would be some diaries by 16th-century authors of fiction, but I have not found anything that fits these criteria so far. In France, the Journal d'un ...
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