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Wilt, by Tom Sharpe The police are called and several witnesses come forward to wildly misinterpret what they saw as Wilt throwing a body down the hole and – because his wife has taken an unscheduled break with the Californian couple on a boat in the Broads and is nowhere to be found – the police arrest Wilt on suspicion of murder.


Yes, the comic effect is intentional. Strong evidence of this is provided by the fact that the author's other political novel, Under Western Eyes, also contains elements of black comedy. There is evidence that Conrad was purposefully illustrating a theory of comedy advanced by the philosopher Henri Bergson. This can be surmised as a "comedy of the ...


I was able to find the book I was thinking of! It is “The McLandress Dimension” by John Kenneth Galbraith writing as Mark Epernay. The person who once recommended it referred to it in an email recently and it came back to me. My description had a few flaws, and I will try to give a good synopsis of the book here as well as refer to my previous descriptors. ...


There are literary terms for certain types of mispronunciation, but, as far as I know, no literary term that covers all of them. The spoonerism is probably the best-known example. For example, "The Lord is a shoving leopard" instead of "The Lord is a loving shepherd." From a linguistic point of view, a spoonerims is a type of metathesis. An eggcorn "is an ...

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