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Why is "close reading" necessary?

Close reading is probably the most important legacy of the New Criticism. Historically, it was a reaction against criticism that was not rigorous enough ("impressionistic") but it did not ...
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Why is "close reading" necessary?

Note the opening to the paragraph you quote :"In literary criticism" - close reading isn't necessarily a technique for the casual or even invested reader, but a tool to extract more nuance ...
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Who introduced the term close reading in the context of literature?

The phrase and concept predate the New Criticism. It is something its proponents emphasized rather than invented. The specific phrase was not necessarily used in the earliest works (e.g. Ransom's &...
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What is close reading?

In literary criticism, close reading is the careful, sustained interpretation of a brief passage of a text. A close reading emphasizes the single and the particular over the general, effected by ...
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