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What is the significance of the ending of this short story "In the Wheels"?

I think there are a few things going on. There are hints earlier in the story that Sara and Joseph have a connection. They are close to the same age; she keeps his secrets; she brings him food and ...
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In the Great Gatsby does Gatsby want Daisy because he is obsessed with wealth/prestige or does he want wealth because he is obsessed with Daisy?

That quote in its longer form perhaps is the key She’s got an indiscreet voice I remarked, its full of, I hesitated. It's full of money he said suddenly. That was it. I'd never understood it before....
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Does Nick love Gatsby?

Several readers have found expressions of Nick’s attraction to Gatsby in the narration. Edward Wasiolek pointed out that Nick’s portrait of Jay Gatsby, a criminal and adulterer, is unjustifiably ...
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What is the significance of Nick being gay in The Great Gatsby?

For most of the novel, Nick has a completely erroneous conception of Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is selfish and a criminal. But Nick doesn't notice any of these imperfections in his character. Why not? I'd say ...
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Jordan's line about intimate parties in The Great Gatsby?

Jordan is remarking on the paradox that at a large party, it's possible to have a private conversation with someone without its being considered rude or unusual. The larger the party, the more people ...
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