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Why don’t writers layer and number lengthy sentences?

Restating the claim in the question, writers like Joseph Conrad should have structured their books like decks of PowerPoint slides, which would have made them more readable, and clearer. The ...
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Why didn't Faulkner split a 118-word sentence into three, In "Barn Burning" when he writes about the boy protagonist?

Brooks Landon has already provided the explanation in the final paragraph that you've quoted: just as the thinking of Hemingway’s old waiter is infinitely more tired and less active than the ...
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How can some similes 'make comparisons' without thinking 'of one situation or thing as being something else'?

Compare the two sentences: Dolphins are humans of the sea Dolphins are like humans, but they live in the sea The former is a metaphor, the latter is a simile. If you look at the former sentence ...
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