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Origin of the story of Gilbert and the Saracen maid

The story of Gilbert and the Saracen woman is part of the South English Legendary, a Middle English collection of lives of the saints and martyrs in verse. This work is sometimes attributed to the ...
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How many people did Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin kill in duels before d'Anthès stopped him?

Pushkin didn't kill (or even wound) anybody in duels before he was killed in one. There is a full list of Alexander Pushkin's duels in Rina Tim's article Alexander Pushkin’s Duels. There were 26 of ...
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What would a biography on an animal be called?

Biographies of animals are not a very common genre, although it is not difficult to find examples with a bit of digging: Flush: A Biography (1933) by Virginia Woolf is the "imaginative biography" (...
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What is the relation (if any) of Fanny Buitrago to her biographer Letty Buitrago?

Yep, sisters. From a 2016 piece by Nadia Celis: Ese tercer ojo, curioso, precoz, inquisitivo y certero, marcó desde muy temprano el destino de Fanny Buitrago. Letty Buitrago, hermana, editora y ...
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How autobiographical are Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books?

The majority of the characters in the "Little House" books were real people. The majority of the places described in these books were real places. There was, however, artistic license (for lack of ...
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How was Jon Meacham able to complete his biography of John Lewis so quickly?

He didn't write it that quickly. He had been working on it well before Lewis's death. In fact, there was a notice about it in Axios on June 16th announcing that it was coming and that Lewis was ...
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Looking for a story about a Confederate leader in the US civil war

Rebel Raider by H. Beam Piper looks like a possibility. It ends with: Jeb Stuart left John Singleton Mosby behind Northern lines "to look after loyal Confederate people." But before the war was ...
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Elon Musk biography: who is the intended audience and how would you describe the tone?

"Elon's critics, admirers, and wanna-be entrepreneurs" is a pretty broad category, I think just saying the intended audience is merely people who are interested in Musk. In terms of tone, I would say ...
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