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Did Leckie consult with the audiobook narrators on pronunciation?

Andoh seems to have come up with the pronunciations and tunes in the UK Imperial Radch audiobooks on her own. The pronunciations used by American narrator Celeste Ciulla, however, are from Leckie ...
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Audio versions of fairy tales, distinctive "Long ago and far away ..." intro

This appears to be Fabbri Publishing's Once Upon a Time series. From Wikipedia: Fabbri's Once Upon a Time series was based on the popular Story Teller series. It also had a slogan which was "The ...
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Retelling of Odysseus story with humour and anachronisms (audiobook)

I found it! Googling odysseus "plough the field" "sow the seed" gave me precisely two results: this question on Literature SE, and a Google Books version of the book Odysseus: the Greatest Hero of ...
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How do publishers determine how much to charge for audiobooks relative to their printed version?

Taking your example of the Harry Potter audiobooks, I looked at the prices directly from the publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing. I compared the length of the paperbacks to the cost of the audiobooks, ...
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"Just William" story where he gets a mouth organ on Christmas Day

‘The Christmas Truce’ by Richmal Crompton, first published in William’s Happy Days (1930). It takes place at Christmas: ‘Him?’ he exploded fiercely when at last the power of speech returned to him. ‘...
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