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How was "A Passage to India" received in Britain and India?

It's difficult to try and judge a reception of a novel that's nearly 100 years old. Especially as reviews seem to be 'nicer' in those days than some of the scathing remarks you see in the present day. ...
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What does Forster mean by "Suspicion in the Oriental"?

The problem with the ‘quotation’ approach to literature is that novels work as complete texts, where each passage is read in the context of all the passages that precede it. When taken out of context, ...
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Why isn't "white" related to colour and ''God save the King" with a god?

If you read the rest of the paragraph, it's clear that Mr Fielding thinks "white" is an inaccurate description of a Caucasian's skin (it should be "pinko-grey"). The narrator is saying that being "...

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