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Questions asking for identification of a story, book, or author, based on descriptive details provided within the question. Please be thorough and provide ALL of the details that you can remember when using this tag. (For questions seeking the original source of a known quote, use the [quote-source] tag instead.)

6 votes

YA book with a girl on horseback almost getting hit by a train

You are describing a scene from Point Blanc, the second novel of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. The protagonist of this book is Alex Rider, a teenage James Bond style secret agent. In th …
  • 1,684
2 votes

Late 1960s-early 1970s book called the moon game

Your description suggests the children's books of the Russian illustrator Grigorʹevič Suteev (Григорьевич Сутеев , 1903–1993). Most of these are written by Suteev himself, but some are instead writte …
  • 1,684
5 votes

A Science Fiction story in which everyone on earth has a moment of empathy

You're searching for the 2005 web-original short story Roger Williams, “The Fifth Gift”. This link points to a full text copy of the short story on the web.. The outline of this story is aliens gi …
  • 1,684
5 votes
1 answer

Restaurant serves everything with money back guarantee, patron defeats them by ordering a Tw...

I'd like to find a short short story, probably only one page long. I've read it on the internet in English less than two years ago, probably around 2018-08-04 when I was binging short short stories. …
  • 1,684