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In “Our Lady of the Tall Trees,” who is the Lady, and what is the song trying to say about her?

I've decided to ask this question here, in light of the consensus that songs seem to be on-topic. I've tried to keep it to lyrics, because there's been some debate about whether the music of a song is on topic, or just the words.

Cahalen Morrison and Eli West released an album called "Our Lady of the Tall Trees." The titular song (lyrics), however, contains a somewhat unclear purpose. I'm having trouble determining if the song is intended to just be as carefree and jovial as it sounds, or if there's some deeper meaning that I'm missing.

This starts with a pretty simple question: who, exactly, is the Lady of the Tall Trees? The song doesn't really seem to want to go into any level of detail. All it has to say about this topic is...:

...Our lady of a lot
Said our lady of this and that
And other things that we forgot

...Our lady of the not
Wraps herself in rice and greens
And other fancy things she bought

This makes the song somewhat difficult to understand, particularly when it comes to any point that the song might be trying to make surrounding who she is and what she's doing. On the other hand, I could be trying to read a song that just seems to be quietly jovial, and nothing more.

How should I be understanding who the Lady is, and what does it mean to the song?