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What's the significance of Draco's reading material?

In chapter 2 of Lust Over Pendle, we see a pile of books and magazines that Draco's been using to study for pretending to be a Muggle:

Draco gestured at the window seat of the breakfast room. It was piled high with Muggle magazines; she spotted Living etc, Elle Dec, Tatler, Country Life, FHM and Loaded. A few battered looking Penguins, including Cold Comfort Farm, The Empress of Blandings, Brideshead Revisited and The Monarch of the Glen, lay scattered around.

-- A.J. Hall, Lust Over Pendle

Since Hall regularly gives subtle nods to her inspirations and leaves coy inferences for alert readers, I assume such a great honking list of references is offering some specific commentary--but I'm not familiar enough with the works, especially the magazines, to hazard a guess as to precisely what's being said.

What reference or commentary is made by the list of Draco's reading material?

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