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Questions tagged [william-carlos-williams]

Questions about the works of William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) or his life as a writer.

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What does “it” refer to in this line from “The Mental Hospital Garden”?

What is “it” in the following lines from "The Mental Hospital Garden" by William Carlos Williams? It is a bounty                       from last year’s nest. Williams, William Carlos. "...
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To what extent (if any) was beat literature a deliberate rejection of modernism?

A key point of modernism is that it was self-consciously "artistic" in the sense that it deliberately sought to find new literary forms, built on and alluding to existing works in the canon. ...
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Is Williams's This Is Just to Say an imagist poem, an objectivist poem or neither?

The Wikipedia article about the short poem "This Is Just to Say" claims the text is an imagist poem without backing up that claim. Williams contributed to the anthology Des Imagistes, published in ...
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