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Questions about Thomas Pynchon's debut novel 'V.', published in 1963. Use this tag with the [thomas-pynchon] tag.

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What does the letter V in Thomas Pynchon's book symbolize?

Obviously, V. is a character in the book, known only by her initial. That initial is also the title of the book, which actually includes the period. But I assume this title/name symbolizes something ...
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What is the symbolism of the yo-yo in V.?

The yo-yo is mentioned often in Thomas Pynchon's V., including in a few chapter names. What does it symbolize?
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Any differences in structure between editions of Pynchon's V?

In the Picador edition of Pynchon's V, there is a V of Vs on (pre) page 7, and each chapter title is structured as a V. Does the first edition also contain a V of Vs, and similarly structured chapter ...
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