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Are there any literary studies around the author Louis Auchincloss?

In the second half of the 20th c. Louis Auchincloss was a prolific author and novelist, a kind of sideline to his primary career as an Upper East Side NYC lawyer, inheritor of the mantle of the 400, ...
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What is the "something in mind that went beyond lust"?

I've just started reading Poul Anderson's War of the Gods, and I came across this line towards the end of the second chapter: "No," said Vagnhöfdi. "My daughter has lately borne a ...
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When Patti Smith describes getting onto a 'Jefferson Airplane' plane/van on Atlantic Avenue is she using realism, metaphor, analogy, or other trope? [duplicate]

In a chapter entitled 'In Search of Imaginos' in her book 'Year of the Monkey', Patti Smith describes herself walking down Atlantic Avenue (presumably in Brooklyn, NY). She writes: [I] walked up the ...
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