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Questions tagged [ulysses]

For questions about James Joyce's 1922 modernist novel "Ulysses". Use this with the [james-joyce] tag.

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4 answers

What is the purpose of all the lists in chapter 12 of Joyce's Ulysses?

Chapter 12 of James Joyce's Ulysses, Cyclops, consists mostly of a first-person comic narrative of men drinking in a pub. The conversation is frequently interrupted, however, by a number of deadpan ...
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Annotations to Ulysses that help understand its sentences literally?

I read Ulysses once, and I used the following sources for annotations: The annotations at the end of Penguin's Ulysses: Annotated Student Edition, by Declan Kiberd Gifford's Ulysses annotated The ...
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How do we know that Bloom was never circumcised?

Everyone knows that Bloom was not circumcised (just ask Google). But how do we know this? Hugh Kenner claims it is (371/373). I have read these pages over and over, but don't see it? Despite the ...
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