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Questions tagged [u2]

For questions about the popular Irish rock group U2 (and its members) as they relate to literature, specifically their songs. Use this tag together with [song-lyrics].

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In "Bullet the Blue Sky", what is the symbolism of Jacob and the angel?

U2's song "Bullet the Blue Sky" was inspired by Bono's trip to El Salvadore in 1986, and America's role on the Salvadoran Civil War. As Bono said in an interview, And it upset me as a person who ...
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Why are the U2 CDs named after "Songs of Innocence" and "Songs of Experience" by William Blake?

U2 has an album named "Songs of Innocence" and a second, more recent album named "Songs of Experience". These appear to at least be named after the William Blake poetry. What is the relationship ...
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What are the "hands of love" in Exit?

The song Exit (from The Joshua Tree by U2) repeatedly refers to "the hands of love." The full lyrics are below: You know he got the cure But then he went astray He used to stay awake To drive ...
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Why does "City of Blinding Lights" say that blessings go to both those who pray and those who steal?

The song City of Blinding Lights by U2 contains the following verse: In the city of blinding lights, The more you know The less you feel Some pray for, others steal Blessings not just for the ones ...
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