Questions tagged [turkish-language]

For questions regarding literature originally written in the Turkish language, whether written/published in Turkey or anywhere else. This tag is also appropriate for literature written in Old Anatolian Turkish and Ottoman Turkish.

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What connects the strangeness of the people and the magic of the bathroom?

I was just reading Turkish Short Stories from the October 2017 issue of Words Without Borders. In particular, the story "The Little Bathroom" by Sine Ergün (published freely online, and ...
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Is satire used anywhere in "The Story of How Basat Killed Goggle-Eye"?

Is satire used anywhere in the story "The Story of How Basat Killed Goggle-Eye"? The story is from The Book of Dede Korkut.
4 votes
1 answer

What is meant by "saints of forties and sevens" in this traditional Turkish hymn?

In the article "Ritual Change in a Turkish Alevi Village" by Thomas McElwain, I found a description of a sacrifice ritual which includes the following nefes (hymn?) recited for a ram: Erler ...
4 votes
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Thomas McElwain as Ali Haydar?

On this website of translated Turkish poetry, a traditional hymn of sacrifice from a Turkish Alevi village is included in its English translation, with a note at the top signed "Ali Haydar", although ...