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Questions related to the work of the German author Thomas Mann (1875 – 1955), who wrote novels such as Buddenbrooks and The Magic Mountain, novellas such as Death in Venice, essays and other works.

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How significant is Schopenhauer's philosophy in Buddenbrooks?

In Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks, in part 10, Thomas Buddenbrook finds himself reading a treatise on philosophy, which elevates him above his day to day care to a level where he can see the pettiness of ...
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Did Vladimir Nabokov know Thomas Mann's Works?

Thomas Mann (born in 1875) emigrated from Germany in 1933; in that same year, the first part of his "Joseph and His Brothers" was published in Germany. He was a well known author by then. On the ...
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What is meant by “present tense whatever” here, exactly?

This is excerpted from the forewords of the English translation by John E. Woods of The Magic Mountain (Der Zauberberg in German) by Thomas Mann: It takes place, or, to avoid any present tense ...
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Are all editions of "Joseph und seine Brüder" (by Thomas Mann) the same?

There are several editions of Joseph and his brothers (original German Joseph und seine Brüder). Do all of them contain the same text? Or did Thomas Mann make some "adjustments" for some publishers?
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Mann's introduction to The Magic Mountain?

I remember that the edition of The Magic Mountain I read around 7 or 8 years ago contained an introduction that was written by Mann and inspired by a lecture he gave about his book. I remember it ...
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When and where did Thomas Mann say that Effi Briest is one of the six best novels in his library?

Theodor Fontane's novel Effi Briest is often taught at German schools. The Wikipedia article about the novel has a section on the novel's legacy which says, [Thomas] Mann said that if one had to ...
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