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For questions about books in the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham. Use this tag with the [john-grisham] tag.

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Is Pete Duffy based on a specific murderer?

In the Theodore Boone book series, a primary criminal is Pete Duffy who has committed a murder. Is Pete Duffy based on a specific murderer or is he based on the general trope of a murderer? If he is ...
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Is Strattenburg, Pennsylvania based on a real town?

The Theodore Boone book series by John Grisham takes place in the fictional town of Strattenburg, Pennsylvania. Is Strattenburg, Pennsylvania based on a real town?
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Did John Grisham base The Scandal on a specific incident?

In The Scandal by John Grisham, Theodore Boone finds out that cheating occurred in the administration of annual standardized tests. It is common knowledge that such cheating scandals occur on a fairly ...
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How accurate are the laws in Theodore Boone?

In Theodore Boone, John Grisham mentions several laws, such as about putting flyers on poles, drunk driving, and other random laws. How accurate are these? Are real laws, anywhere? Examples: Theo ...
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Do we ever find out what Ike did to have his law license revoked?

In Theodore Boone, Ike Boone gets his license to practice law revoked. Do we ever find out why? Is this mentioned in The Activist?
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