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For general questions about plays and theatrical performances as works of literature. If your question is about a specific play, use the title and author tags instead.

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Larry Csonka and the Chocolate Factory: confirmation of existence

(Note: Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but this link: brought me here.) My ...
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Stage whisper-dominated plays

Among plays that have been written and performed before an audience, what is the largest proportion of any play script that is directed to be performed in stage whispers? I'm interested to know if ...
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Theatre practitioners book

I'm looking for a book that I used to own and can not find. I think it was American, I had a hardback copy, it was blue and I think it had a black and white photo of actors/directors on the cover. It ...
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Terminology for the category including all of dialogues, monologues, asides and soliloquies

As far as I can understand, a play's script might come not only in a conventional dialogue but also in monologues, asides and soliloquies along with stage directions. I'm unable to find a single term ...
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