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For questions about Franz Kafka's novel "The Trial" (original title "Der Process" in German). Use this tag together with the [franz-kafka] and [german-literature] tags.

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Meaning of chain of guards in religious interpretation in Kafka's parable of the law

Well, he does discover something: namely that this door was meant for him and him alone. What does the ‘law’ and this special exclusive ‘door’ represent? As so often with Kafka’s writing, a religious ...
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Where is Kafka's "The Trial" set?

The novel The Trial by Franz Kafka contains many deliberate omissions of information: for example, the main character's surname and the names of several other characters, the nature of his crime, and ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Why didn't Josef K. simply ignore the summons?

Given that Josef K. didn't know exactly who was even summoning him or on what basis they were doing so, why did he cooperate? What would've happened if he had simply refused to go along with the whole ...
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8 votes
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Why is Josef K.'s last name never revealed?

Throughout the novel, the main character's name is given only as "Josef K." In fact, as I recall, several characters even actually refer to him as Josef K. Why isn't he given a last name? Is this ...
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To what extent was Catch-22 inspired by "The Trial"?

Bureaucratic logic is one of the primary themes in Catch-22. To what extent is this inspired by The Trial by Franz Kafka? Both have the sense of being caught in the cogs of a remote, irrational, and ...
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