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Questions about the science fiction novella 'The Time Machine' (1895) by H. G. Wells. Use with the tag [h-g-wells].

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Did H. G. Wells use an emoticon in “The Time Machine”?

Emoticons were introduced in 1982. Today I started reading The Time Machine and I saw this line in the first page: And he put it to us in this way—marking the points with a lean forefinger—as we sat ...
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What is so special about a fruit being in season for eight days?

In chapter Four of The Time Machine, the Time Traveller states: But the fruits were very delightful; one, in particular, that seemed to be in season all the time I was there — a floury thing in a ...
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At what time did the time travel journey begin?

At the end of Chapter Two of The Time Machine, when the Time Traveller provides the brief summary of his journey he says: I was in my laboratory at four o'clock, and since then... I've lived eight ...
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