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"The Tiger in the Smoke" (1952), a detective novel by Margery Allingham. Use this tag with the [margery-allingham] tag.

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What scene is "To the west the Park dripped wretchedly...about its affairs" describing?

The fog was like a saffron blanket soaked in ice-water. It had hung over London all day and at last was beginning to descend. the sky was yellow as a duster and the rest was a granular black, ...
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What is this sentence from Allingham's The Tiger in the Smoke saying?

She made a small gesture with her free hand. Its arc took in a lost world of air raids and hurried meals in crowded restaurants, hotels, railway stations, khaki, sunlight, stolen pools of peace in ...
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Meaning of "twist of felt" in "The Tiger in the Smoke"

I found this description of the character Meg Elginbrodde in Margery Allingham's The Tiger in the Smoke: A swathe of flax-white hair protruded from a twist of felt, and underneath was something not ...