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Questions about Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest', probably written in 1610–1611. In addition to being the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone, the play is also notable for being the only Shakespeare play that respects the three unities (unity of action, unity of time and unity of place).

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Origin of symbolic interpretation of Prospero's breaking of his staff?

At the end of The Tempest, which is generally believed to be the last plays that Shakesepare wrote alone, Prospero breaks his staff and drowns his book. This has often been read as Shakespeare telling ...
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Where did Edmond Malone place the Tempest in the chronology of Shakespeare's plays?

In an excellent answer to one of my previous questions, verbose writes: Since The Tempest is the first play printed in the First Folio, it was often assumed to be an early play. Scholars such as ...
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When was Shakespeare's The Tempest first analysed from a "post-colonial" perspective?

A recent answer from verbose mentioned: Postcolonial approaches to The Tempest cast Prospero as colonizer, exercising imperial control over the original inhabitants of the island: Caliban and Ariel....
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