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For questions related to The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien. Use this tag with the [j-r-r-tolkien] tag.

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If Sauron made The One ring, why couldn't he just make another, even better, instead of searching for the first?

As all of us who have read Silmarillion know, Sauron wasn't the original "Lord of Darkness". In fact, he is a much lesser, and later, one. Melkor (AKA "Morgoth") was the original. ...
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What essentially does Tolkien mean by "Fall, Mortality and The Machine"?

I recently started reading The Silmarillion, and came across the below passage in a letter Tolkien sent to Milton Waldman. Anyway all this stuff is mainly concerned with Fall, Mortality, and the ...
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Should I read The Silmarillion before or after reading The Lord of the Rings?

I spent an extensive amount of time as an undergrad writing about and researching The Hobbit, especially in terms of Tolkien's famous essay on Beowulf. Getting a sense of what inspired Tolkien greatly ...
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How do the Silmarils solve the puzzle of the Sampo?

It is well established that Tolkien used his fiction as a means of filling gaps and solving riddles in the extant studies of mythology and linguistics. Most of the time, he chose to do this by ...
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Have any Elves explored Rhûn or the lands to the east?

According to The Silmarillion and Tolkien's legendarium as a whole, the Elves first awoke in Cuiviénen, by a gulf in the Sea of Helcar. We learn that in The War of Wrath (Chapter 3, Quenta ...
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