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Questions about the horror novel 'The Shining' by Stephen King. Should be tagged with [stephen-king].

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What is the meaning of the bike hit on the road by Jack Torrance and Al Shockley? (The Shining)

In The Shining, there is a backstory of how Jack decided to go sober. While in the car with his friend Al Shockley, both drunk, they hit a bike. But they cannot find the person they hit. Terrified by ...
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Is the stormy weather an element of Naturalism in The Shining by Stephen King?

In Stephen King's novel The Shining, there seems to me to be a correlation between the weather and the sanity of Jack Torrance. Namely, as the Torrance family becomes more isolated (i.e. people from ...
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In Stephen King's The Shining, what is the meaning of Jack's conversation with Grady?

In chapter 44 of The Shining, why does Grady claim not to have murdered his wife and daughters and have no recollection of Mr Ullman while talking to Jack at Derwent's party, but later says he "...
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