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Questions about the novel 'The Plague' (French: 'La Peste', 1947) by Albert Camus. Questions about this work should be tagged with [albert-camus] and [french-literature].

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"Each of us has the plague within him" from The Plague by Albert Camus

I'm reading The Plague By Albert Camus. I'm not getting few things that Tarrou said when talking of his previous life to all to Dr. Bernard Rieux. First, he talks about his father, mother, and all. ...
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What does Albert Camus mean with "they remembered pleasure"?

In his novel The Plague, Albert Camus wrote among others: So everyone comes down into the streets, they deafen each other with talk, argue or lust after one another - and the town, under the red July ...
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Interpretation of a Camus Quote

In The Plague, Rieux, the main character of the novel, in Chapter 15, claims that I've seen too much of hospitals to relish any idea of collective punishment. What does he mean by that? How exactly ...
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