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For questions about the Kingkiller Chronicle, the fantasy series by Patrick Rothfuss.

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Does Kvothe ever use the bed Auri prepared for him?

In Slow Regard of Silent Things, one of the gifts Auri prepares for Kvothe is a bed of his own near hers in the Underthing, along with a candle and a kiss. I've just finished a re-read of both The ...
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How did the Adem view Marriage?

The Adem people believe that: Men have nothing to do with conception; Sex is not restricted to specific partners. In our culture, those are the main reasons for marriage. There were also no ...
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Is there a specific tuition system that the University's was based on?

In Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle, students at the University are asked to pay a variable amount for their tuition per term, based mostly on their performance in an interview in front of ...
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Why has the final book for The Kingkiller Chronicle taken so long?

The penultimate book of the Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy was released in March 2011. It has been nearly six years and the final book still has no expected release date. Has Patrick Rothfuss gone ...
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Is this hypothesis about the significance of the name "Denna" in the Kingkiller Chronicle supported by the text?

There's a somewhat popular theory about The Kingkiller Chronicle, which is that the name "Denna" derives from the use of denner resin, and its addictive properties. The theory branches two ...
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