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Questions tagged [the-iliad]

For questions about The Iliad, the epic poem by Homer. Use in conjunction with [homer]. If the question is regarding the original text in Greek, use with the [greek-literature] tag.

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Has any writer claimed that Hector, not Achilles, is the true hero of the Iliad?

From his farewell to his wife Andromache in Book VI to the splendid description of his funeral with the which the epic concludes, Hector exhibits many of the hallmarks of the archetypal protagonist of ...
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Is there a connection between Achilles's talking horse in the Iliad and Balaam's talking donkey in the Bible?

At the end of Book XIX of The Iliad we find that Achilles's horse spontaneously begins talking to him: Automedon, whip in hand, sprang up behind the horses, and after him Achilles mounted in full ...
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Specificity in ancient depictions of Olympus?

The highest peak in Greece is Mount Olympus, near the northwestern Aegean coast. Was this taken as the literal home of the Olympian gods by worshipful ancient Greeks, or was it merely figurative to ...
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