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"The Host" is a novel by Stephanie Meyer, which focuses on Wanderer, a member of an alien species that inhabitants the bodies of other species and controls them, called 'souls', and her interactions with the previous occupant of the body and the other humans on Earth. Use this tag with the [stephanie-meyer] tag.

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Is it significant that the eyes being reflective are proof that a Soul is inside in “The Host”?

The eyes being reflective are proof that a Soul is inside of the body in The Host, and is used as verification by both Souls and humans: "Look, look, look!" he says. He pulls a small cylinder from ...

Why are Maggie and Sharon so bitter and angry?

In The Host, Melanie's aunt Maggie and her daughter Sharon, who Melanie was trying to find when she got caught by the souls and tried to jump down an elevator shaft, are shown to be quite bitter and ...