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Questions about 'The Heir Chronicles', a young adult fantasy series by Cinda Williams Chima. Use with the tag [cinda-williams-chima].

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What is the significance of the dogs being named Hamlet and Ophelia?

In The Dragon Heir, from Cinda Williams Chima's The Heir Chronicles, Madison has two golden retrievers who are named Hamlet and Ophelia. One does not name anything "Hamlet" in a book by ...
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1 answer

Why is the town called "Trinity"?

The action in Cinda Williams Chima's The Heir Chronicles centers around Trinity, Ohio. The town name is almost obnoxiously religious. Religion, specifically Christianity, does come up in the books, ...
2 votes
0 answers

What's the significance of the wild roses in "The Wizard Heir"?

When Seph is trying to get into Trinity for the first time, he ends up waiting around near a farmhouse with wild roses: They'd chosen a spot where the barrier cut across a field. A battered farmhouse ...
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Are the wizard houses interchangeable in the Heir Chronicles?

Cinda Williams Chima's series The Heir Chronicles does the fantasy-masquerade trope whereby it insists that a historical event actually had magic behind the scenes. Specifically, the Wars of the Roses ...