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Questions tagged [the-doomed-city]

Questions about the science fiction novel 'The Doomed City' (Russian: 'Град обреченный', 1975) by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Use with [strugatsky-brothers] and [russian-literature].

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Indeed, why doesn't the City have any great artists?

The city is an interesting place - an ensemble of people from all around the world, and even from different times (though the 20th century seems to be prevalent). Their occupations, genders, beliefs, ...
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What is the symbolism of the statues and the meeting at the Pantheon in "The Doomed City"?

In part 5 of Strugastkys' The Doomed City, when Andrei and his group find the central square, there are countless empty places where statues used to be, and all of them have strange writings. Later ...
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