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Questions about the series of eight novels 'The Dark Tower' by Stephen King. Use this tag with the [stephen-king] tag.

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How do I analyze the stress/unstress in this Stephen King based novel?

Many of the jinni lines follow a stressed/unstressed sound pattern The author talks about this in the ending. What does this mean exactly? Here are some sequential lines from the jinni I would like ...
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About Jake's fate in The Gunslinger

I've just finished reading The Gunslinger and I'm really sad about Jake and how Roland left him behind. I want to know at least if in the other books of the series there will be some mention that Jake ...
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Is the Crimson King's first attack on Stephen King based on a real experience from the author's childhood?

In The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah Eddie and Roland pay a visit to Stephen King in 1977, after learning that he apparently wrote about Pere Callahan's story. In order to learn what is really going ...
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Has there been any criticism of Bryan Smith's depiction in The Dark Tower series?

At some point during The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower Roland's ka-tet has to save Stephen King, who ultimately seems to be a representation of one of the tower's beams, from getting hit by a car ...
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What are the Stephen King connections in The Dark Tower series?

There's plenty of connections to King's other works in The Dark Tower. Most notably Salem's Lot. What other connections are there, no matter how big or small?
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