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Questions tagged [the-bastard-of-istanbul]

Questions about Elif Shafak's 2006 novel 'The Bastard of Istanbul'. The book was originally published in English, so questions about it should not be tagged with [turkish-literature]. Use this tag with the tag [elif-shafak].

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Why was The Bastard of Istanbul translated into Turkish as "Father and Bastard"?

The novel The Bastard of Istanbul was originally written in English (by a Turkish author, and set largely in the eponymous city in Turkey). It's been translated into various other languages, as listed ...
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Why are the chapters in The Bastard of Istanbul named after ingredients of ashure?

The Bastard of Istanbul is a novel by Elif Şafak which explores Turkish and Armenian culture and history; you can read a summary and 9-page excerpt online. One of the questions from the "reading guide"...
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