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Questions about the Austrian novelist, playwright, journalist and biographer Stefan Zweig (1881 – 1942) and his works. He is known for works such as 'The Royal Game' ('Schachnovelle', 1941), 'Amok' (1922) and 'Letter from an Unknown Woman' ('Brief einer Unbekannten', 1922).

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Did Stefan Zweig tell this anecdote in The World of Yesterday"?

Many years ago I read The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig. I believe that in this book there was the following, real-life story: Shortly before the outbreak of World War II several intellectuals, ...
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What did Stefan Zweig mean when he said "becoming old is no longer being afraid of the past"?

In 24 hours in the life of a woman, Stefan Zweig writes "becoming old is no longer being afraid of the past". What did he mean by this?
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