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For questions about the Polish science fiction author Stanisław Herman Lem (1921-2006) or about any of his literary works.

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A short story about artificial intelligence written by an author from Russia or Poland?

I once read an interesting short story about the possibility of a set of intelligent machines creating philosophy. Unfortunately I can't find the book that contains this short story. All I can ...
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What did Lem find in his game-theoretical analysis of the writings of Marquis de Sade?

According to Peter Swirski in Stanislaw Lem: Philosopher of the Future (Liverpool University Press, 2015; on Google Books; emphasis mine), The author [Lem] himself eloquently argued on behalf of ...
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What aspects of Roman Ingarden's theory of literature does Stanisław Lem criticise and how?

According to the Wikipedia article on Stanisław Lem's The Philosophy of Chance, Lem criticizes the contemporary literary theory, in particular, Roman Ingarden's Literary Work of Art, and proceeds ...
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Is there a translation or summary of Lem's short story "Crystal Ball"?

Fiasco, published in 1987, was Stanisław Lem's final science fiction novel. The opening chapter is set on Titan, and as noted in this question, seems rather separated from the remainder of the novel. ...
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Theme of ‘The Twenty-first Voyage of Ijon Tichy’ by Stanisław Lem

In ‘The Twenty-first Voyage of Ijon Tichy’ (1971) by Stanisław Lem, translated into English by Michael Kandel in The Star Diaries (1976), the space traveller Ijon Tichy lands on the planet of ...
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What links the two parts of "Fiasco" by Stanisław Lem?

Stanisław Lem’s last novel Fiasco (1986) is divided into two parts. In the first part, the pilot Parvis lands on Saturn’s moon Titan where he learns that several “striders” (mechas) have been recently ...
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About Solaris translators Jasiensko (French), Kilmartin and Cox [closed]

I am looking for an account of, or historical information about: Jean-Michel Jasiensko's Polish-French translation of Solaris. Particularly, why did he vary the text? Also, Joanna Kilmartin and Steve ...
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Mathematics or gibberish? Understanding a description of an alien message in His Master's Voice

I'm reading the 1983 Michael Kandel translation of Stanislaw Lem's His Master's Voice. The plot revolves around a secret military project to decode an alien message. The main character is a ...
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Understanding the use of the word "Negress" in the Kilmartin and Cox translation of Solaris

I just finished reading Kilmartin and Cox's translation of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris, and one particular passage stood out to me. I'm hesitant to ask a question about the Kilmartin and Cox translation, ...
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Does V reference Stanislaw Lem's "His Master's Voice", and if so, why?

I've recently been reading and re-reading Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta. After having skimmed through it multiple times and settling a few questions I had about the continuity, only one ...
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Did Captain Pirx make a joke in base 13?

When Douglas Adams was asked whether he invented this question because six times nine is actually 54, which is 42 when written in base thirteen, he replied: “I may be a sorry case, but I don't write ...
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