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Questions about the novel 'Stalking the Atomic City' (2015) by Markiyan Kamysh. Use with the tags [markiyan-kamysh] and [ukrainian-literature].

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Why would a Ukrainian police officer speak broken Ukrainian?

From Stalking the Atomic City, The police might be lying in wait, ready to ambush you, or they might not. I might notice the glow of a cigarette or the silhouette of their car. I might hear them ...
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How is this an imitation of Communist Party convention speeches?

Chapter 5 of Stalking the Atomic City contains the following quote: Then an hour of walking to the highway and another hour to Tamil Town Hall - a furnished building with a couch, a stove, a couple ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can you actually be arrested for public smoking in Ukraine, like this passage implies?

Chapter 5 of Stalking the Atomic City contains the following quote: I'm standing at the bus station, in the corner, next to a trash can. That way, the patrol officers won't notice me and arrest me ...
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Why does "Stalking the Atomic City" use English units?

The following quote appears in chapter 4 of Stalking the Atomic City: Once, it was ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit, and my backpack weighed twenty-five pounds, on top of that. Why does the book use ...
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Is Markiyan Kamysh at risk of radiation-related illness?

In Stalking the Atomic City (which was published in English yesterday), Markiyan Kamysh reports visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone multiple times per year starting 2010, often for a week at a time ...
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