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Questions about the works of the Scottish author Walter Scott (1771 – 1832) and his life as a writer. Scott is well-known for novels such as 'Ivanhoe', 'Rob Roy', 'The Lady of the Lake', 'Waverley', 'The Heart of Midlothian' and 'The Bride of Lammermoor'.

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Has Walter Scott's (lack of) historical accuracy been re-evaluated?

Have scholars re-evaluated the historical accuracy of Walter Scott's novels? That is, are there defenses of his historical accuracy? One of the first things one hears about his books is how "...
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What is the significance of the traveler carrying writing materials in Ivanhoe?

The Jew's dress, which appeared to have suffered considerably from the storm, was a plain russet cloak of many folds, covering a dark purple tunic. He had large boots lined with fur, and a belt around ...
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What was the exact wording from Ivanhoe of this advice on how to free yourself from slavery?

All you need to free yourself from slavery is a couple of pints of beer I read Ivanhoe for the first time translated into Spanish, and am having a heck of time finding the material in any English ...
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What were the "Leicestershire clowns"?

In Sir Walter Scott's "Chronicles of the Canongate" we have the following "indigestion, from having swallowed victuals like a Lei'stershire clown bolting bacon" I have not traced any other ...
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Why did Scott choose to include so many epigraphs in Ivanhoe that give away the plot?

I'm reading Ivanhoe right now and very much enjoying it. Each chapter in Ivanhoe has an epigraph, often very closely related to the plot of the chapter, meaning that it is often very easy to surmise ...
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